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Embracing Career Development

Updated: May 3

My Travel Buddy at Longwood Gardens

Recent life changes introduced me to the world of Career Development. When the newspaper I worked for was sold and slashed the employee rolls (Hi, my name is Jodi and my new employer determined that I was unnecessary), I was introduced to the world of unemployment. In an effort to spruce up my resume, I signed up for numerous online classes - Excel, SEO, interviewing, resume writing.

Although I learned a lot in the various classes, I eventually decided to leap into what I really love - writing - and see if I could make a living. There are plenty of writing classes. Could I afford to take a class or would it just cut into my profits?

I started out small with a 2 hour workshop on travel writing. My husband loves to travel but I never felt like I wrote a lot of articles based on our trips. The best thing my instructor Barbara Noe Kennedy did was send an email beforehand asking her students to tell her what they'd done in travel writing. That one question made me realize that I'd actually done quite a bit of travel writing. Surprise! I just needed a little help moving to the next level.

This class was invigorating. It introduced me to types of articles, markets and ideas that I'd never considered before. I have a list of queries to send out and great markets to investigate.

If you feel discouraged, I recommend a little Career Development. It could give you just the push you need.

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