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Review of B.O.A.T.

Updated: May 3

More About B.O.A.T.

Seventeen-year-old April has spent her childhood in therapy, learning to dismiss her imaginary friends as just that: imaginary. Now, as a college freshman, she hopes to leave behind the whispers and cruel rumors that have plagued her for years.

When April begins to embrace her newfound independence, her world is turned upside down when she crosses paths with Tommy and Bobby, two figures her therapist insisted were figments of her imagination. Nineteen-year-old Tommy has spent his life waiting for a mission that has haunted him. April’s reappearance shatters his reality, prompting him, April and Bobby to uncover a hidden truth that will change everything.

The trio must unite to fulfill their destiny. But an ominous force is closing in on them, one that will stop at nothing to prevent them from completing their mission. The stakes grow darker, threatening not only their lives but the wellbeing of future generations. With time running out and the world’s fate hanging in the balance, fitting in will be the least of April’s concerns. She will need to confront the demons of her past and present, fighting for what she cherishes most.

More About Alexandria Pall

Even considering authors, Alexandria Pall is pretty shy. All I know is this is her first novel but you can learn more at

My Thoughts About B.O.A.T.

B.O.A.T. isn't the type of book I normally read but I did find the premise interesting. Also, because the main character has a history of mental illness there is always the question of what is real and what is a creation of her mind. There were new revelations throughout the book that made me want to keep reading to unravel this puzzle. In fact, this entire book felt like a puzzle (which I love). Instead of just passively reading to find out what happens, I was drawn into the puzzles the characters were trying to solve, trying to figure out what the solutions were, what things meant, what was real or imagined.

I wonder if Pall will be writing more about this hidden community?

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