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Review of Doneraile Court: The Story of the Lady Freemason

More About Doneraile Court: The Story of the Lady Freemason

Based on a true story, Doneraile Court: The Story of the Lady Freemason tells the story of a young woman who faces death when she's caught spying on Freemasons in the middle of a dark and bloody secret ritual.

Ireland, 1712. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth St. Leger is accustomed to doing as she pleases and apologizing later if necessary. However, saying sorry did not work the night she was caught eavesdropping on Freemasons in the middle of a mysterious ceremony in her home, Doneraile Court. Bound and blindfolded, she listened as the men debated unusual ways to kill her until one man suggested another option that would change her life -- and the world’s oldest fraternity forever. Doneraile Court takes readers back in time and behind closed doors to witness the night truth, relief, and love created The Lady Freemason.

More About Kathleen Aldworth Foster

Kathleen Aldworth Foster is a journalist and television news producer whose career has taken her around the world covering major news events including 9/11, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, mass shootings, earthquakes and hurricanes. This is her first novel. Kathleen is a lifelong lover of travel, history, and old houses. 

My Thoughts About Doneraile Court: The Story of the Lady Freemason

Since I know people who are Freemasons I was skeptical about this story in beginning. There are no lady Masons! Well, maybe in the United States. Looks like there was at least one lady Mason in Ireland.

Even if I didn't know anything about Freemasonry, I would have enjoyed this book strictly for the portrayal of life in Ireland living in a court (an almost castle). This book is full of twists and secrets kept by the St. Leger family and their friends - long before we even get to nosy Elizabeth eavesdropping on the Freemason meeting. This is a great book for lovers of historical fiction with a touch of adventure, romance and even magic thrown in to keep things interesting.

This book introduced many characters, although the main plot centered on Elizabeth and her unfortunate eavesdropping. I want to learn more about those characters and how the Lady Freemason affects their lives. This book ends with many tantalizing questions left unanswered. What happened the day after the meeting interrupted by Elizabeth? What happened to the newborn? What about James and Rhiannon's family? I'd love to learn more about the everyone else in the book and find out how their life complications resolve themselves.

A Little Extra

Actually, two little extras:

  1. If reading a book full of secrets isn't enough for you, the book itself is full of more secrets in the form of a cipher to answer a question posed in the book. You can download the grid and cipher key here.

  2. An Irish TV company is planning to make a TV series based on Doneraile Court! The plan is for a three season series including the book's story and what happened after that infamous night in Ireland.


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