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Review of Eddie Shoes Mystery Series

I reviewed the first book in Elena Hartwell's Eddie Money series One Dead, Two to Go last month. You can read my post here. Just a hint...I loved it so much I immediately contacted Partners in Crime Blog Tours to see if I could get copies of the next two books! So here we are.

More About Two Heads Are Deader Than One

In Two Heads Are Deader Than One, her best friend from high school turns up out of nowhere begging for help and private investigator Eddie Shoes is right to be wary. She hasn’t seen Dakota in years. Maybe it’s nostalgia that has her bailing the woman out of jail. Eddie even reluctantly agrees to help Dakota find the person whose been stalking her. Of course, the moment Dakota is freed, she disappears, leaving Eddie on the hook with the local police, headed up by Eddie’s ex-boyfriend, Det. Chance Parker. Now Eddie is hot on Dakota’s trail, wondering if she was kidnapped or if she just jumped bail. Either way, things are not looking good for Eddie, especially when her business card is found on the bodies of not one, but two murder victims. Even worse, all evidence suggests that the answers to this mystery are tied to Dakota and Eddie’s shared history. Which means that in order to solve this case, Eddie’s going to have to face down her own demons. . . . 

Thoughts about Two Heads Are Deader Than One

Overall, I enjoyed Two Heads Are Deader Than One even though there was a slow portion in the middle that I had to slog through. A lot of explaining, background and moments of me saying, "Really?"

I spent most of this book trying to figure out who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. No obvious black and white hats in this book! I liked that I was constantly off balance, trying to unravel what people were saying, what was actually happening and what was being hidden. If you want to take on a complicated situation that spans years, Two Heads Are Deader Than One is the book for you.

More About Three Strikes, You're Dead

Three Strikes, You're Dead starts with a mother-daughter getaway but nothing is ever ordinary for private investigator Eddie Shoes and her unconventional mom, Chava. Especially when Eddie stumbles upon a stranger who is gravely wounded. As a wildfire sweeps through the forest, Eddie struggles to save the man, who begs her to help him find his missing daughter before succumbing to his injuries. Now on assignment for a dead man, Eddie is short on clues. Of course, that doesn’t stop her mom from wanting to help out. After all, Chava’s own illegal behavior makes her a criminal expert of sorts. And when Eddie’s mob-connected dad joins the search, Eddie starts to wonder if she and her family are the good guys or the bad guys. Either way, Eddie’s determined to get to the bottom of this mystery—even if it kills her.

Thoughts About Three Strikes, You're Dead

Two facets gave Three Strikes, You're Dead a new twist. First, it's in a new setting so seeing Eddie Shoes' whole family, but especially Eddie, negotiating unfamiliar territory is interesting to watch. Second, Eddie's dad plays a larger role in solving this mystery. Watching the different family members tiptoe into their relationships after years apart makes the characters feel more alive and real.

Between new settings, new relationships and several dangerous situations, I felt like I was reading this book while holding my breath. It was a real page turner and I was always saying, "Just one more chapter..." Lots of surprises and sneaky clues that made me kick myself for not being more observant. Intriguing new questions came to the forefront about each of the the three members of Eddie's family. Questions that made me say, "Just one more book..."

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