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Review of Tales From a Rogue Ranger

Updated: May 3

More About Tales From a Rogue Ranger

Tales From a Rogue Ranger is full of stories that speak to the comedy and tragedy of being a park ranger: a job that is nothing like you might imagine. Set against the stunning backdrop of California's American River Canyon, this is an engaging and wildly unusual read about the untamed life of a woman ranger. From a miner riding a mule to a young man lost in the system, these tales show the kaleidoscope of characters a park ranger encounters, giving the reader a fascinating look into a true ranger experience. Readers will laugh out loud, cry tears of sadness, and feel the greatest joy as they revel in this amazing book!

More About Rosanne McHenry

Rosanne S. McHenry has worked as both a U.S. National Park Ranger and a California State Park Ranger. Her ranger experiences include the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mount Rainier National Park, the Auburn State Recreation Area, Folsom Lake, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and Death Valley National Park, among others.

In her latest book, Tales From a Rogue Ranger, McHenry shares her experiences about the rough and tumble life of a patrol ranger near Auburn, California. A park ranger’s job is nothing like you might imagine! Set against the stunning backdrop of California’s American River Canyon, this is an engaging and wildly unusual read about the untamed life of a woman ranger.

McHenry, who also wrote Trip Tales: From Family Camping to Life as a Ranger, currently

lives and works in Auburn, California, with her husband. The beautiful American River Canyon is adjacent to their home in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

My Thoughts on Tales From a Rogue Ranger

My family camped up and down the East Coast all through my childhood but I never thought about what exactly park rangers did until I read Rosanne McHenry's book. Even if you never venture into the great outdoors, you will be amazed by the responsibilities, dangers and challenges rangers face. McHenry manages to introduce you to so many different facets of ranger life: the humorous, the scary, the rewarding, the frustrating, even something so many of us are familiar with: the office red tape. Bet you never thought of park rangers as facing endless paperwork?

This is a page turner because McHenry makes each chapter a short memory and I found myself eager to read "just one more story". It reminded me of holidays with extended family when all the aunts and uncles would try to outdo each other by telling the best story from their childhood. I read the entire book in two days!

This is the type of book that will make you turn to the person next to you and say, "Hey, let me read this paragraph to you!" I feel like there's universal appeal in Tales From a Rogue Ranger. Outdoors lovers? Check. Adventure lovers? Check. Humor lovers? Check. Kids? Check. Employees in any industry who have faced an impossible assignment? Check.

There is one alarming side effect of reading Tales From a Rogue Ranger -- with summer approaching you'll start asking yourself why you haven't visited a national or state park lately. But maybe that's a good thing and we should all schedule a nature getaway.

A Little Extra

Rosanne is working on her third book about the road trips her family took in an old and sometimes grumpy motorhome named Gus. I picture him as someone from the Pixar movie Cars.

Want a Free Copy?

You could enter to win a copy of Tales From a Rogue Ranger and learn more on the WOW-Women on Writing Blog Tour on the Muffin. You only have until April 21 to enter to win HERE!


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