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What's Growing at the Library?

Remember the old card catalogs from the Age of the Dinosaurs? The tiny little drawers crammed full of cards? I remember reading about an author (Erma Bombeck?) being so excited when her first book was published that she stole the card from her local library's card catalog. It became my goal in life to do the same thing. Alas, card catalogs were relegated to dusty library storage rooms before my first book was published. so my new dream was to own an old card catalog. Still working on that one.

Imagine my surprise on my last visit to my local library when I discovered the card catalog was back! No, the librarians haven't abandoned digital for the typewritten cards of yesteryear. Instead they've repurposed the old card catalog into the PFPL seed library.

Instead of fiction and non-fiction, this new catalog is divided into fruits/vegetables and

flowers. You can donate - they provide adorable little seed envelopes and a brochure with the basics on collecting seeds from your plants. Or you can "borrow" seeds with the hope that you'll return seeds from the plants you grow.

I always harvest an overabundance of marigold, zinnia, daisy and four o'clock seeds from my garden so I'll have to contribute to their library in the fall.

So, that's the interesting thing happening at my local library this week. What's happening at your library?

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